2014 Diversity Day Abstracts and Poster Winners


Psychometric Assessment of the Frontal Systems Behavior Scale (FrSBe) in a Diverse Sample of HIV-Infected Individuals: Critical Considerations for Healthcare Providers  ** POSTER WINNER

Project CARE: A Culturally Relevant Intervention for Black Breast Cancer Survivors  ** POSTER WINNER

Factors that Influence Diabetes Self-management Practices and Medical Adherence among Immigrant Women  ** POSTER WINNER


Development and Psychometric Assessment of the Domestic Migration Stress Questionnaire (DMSQ): An Instrument with Potential for Global Application

Cross-cultural trainings in tuberculosis: Building clinical capacity in Haiti

Innovative strategies to promote HIV/AIDS awareness in the Dominican Republic

The influence of illicit drug use on prosocial economic behaviors: implications for treatment.

Feasibility and Acceptability of a Novel Ceramic Cord-Cutting Device (C3D)

Partnering to Build Tuberculosis Laboratory Capacity in Haiti

Reliability and Validity of the Essential Resilience Scale (ERS): An Instrument for Survey Research

Similarities and Differences in Perceptions of Thai and US College Students Regarding Human Trafficking

Project SUPPORT: An examination of social relationships on health outcomes among HIV+ adults 50 and older

Culture-neutral Instructional Material Design for Global Rehabilitation Projects

Changes in Smoking Behavior after HIV Diagnosis and Current Smoking Status among HIV Patients in Guangxi, China

Effective Tuberculosis Treatment in the Haitian Population of South Florida

Evaluation of “Working Together to Stop TB,” A Multi-Site, Community-Based Program Targeted at African American Communities

Evaluation Strategies for Technical Training Partnerships Between Developed and Developing Countries: A Case Study in Haiti