University of Florida Social Justice Summit: For the Gator Good

Published: August 15th, 2017

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 University of Florida Social Justice Summit: For the Gator Good

Gainesville, Fl

January 25-27,2018

The University of Florida Social Justice Summit (UFSJS) is a biennial event designed to cultivate an intentional interdisciplinary investment in critical consciousness. We’re bridging student affairs and academic affairs to address the full collegiate experience and to maximize learning and impact.

We’re here to work to bring about social change. Our demands are that all people – regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, income, gender/gender identity, language, national origin, worldview (religion, spirituality, and other values), physical or mental disability, or education – have a right to basic human dignity and to have their basic economic needs met.

This year’s emphasis on Allyship. Allyship is a process. It requires a long-term look at all the issues and a commitment to building relationships based on respect and trust.  Allyship is actively advocating to challenge the status quo and to promote social justice.

Together we can make a change. Together for the Gator Good.


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